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Girl Scout Press Reps are girls across the council who apply to represent Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama. After interviewing and training for their positions, girls are ready for the experience of girl-led public relations for the council.  Throughout the membership year, Press Reps will write articles on the Girl Blog.  We hope you enjoy getting to know each of them.  


My name is Sara Ann and I have been a Girl Scout for 8 years now! Girl Scouts is a fun and adventurous experience! You get to do all sorts of things, from camping to selling cookies; it is awesome!  After you sell all the cookies, you and your troop can pick what to do with the money you got! I remember my troop went to Wild Adventure, an amusement park in Valdosta, Georgia. We have gone to Sea World and spent the night with the dolphins! But you could also do little things like spend the night in your own backyard -- that's fun too! Your troop can also earn badges that can be helpful and a fun experience at the same time!


Each year in Girl Scouts we go to Camporee! Camporee is an awesome weekend where we all go to Scoutshire Woods (a campground for Girl Scouts) and have a wonderful time! We usually have a certain theme every year. Then we do amazing crafts and games to go along with the theme! My favorite thing about Girl Scouts is going camping a lot! Camping is fun, you can go with just your troop or like Camporee and go with many others! Each camping trip has its own adventure! Camping is a great experience to get out and enjoy being with your buddies! When we go camping there are rules, but we have rules to keep us safe!


Girl Scouts is also fun when you meet new friends! I think making friends is a great way to express yourself with others! In Girl Scouts you can learn some crazy songs and some very heartwarming songs. Being a Girl Scout is just amazing.  I could never tell you how much we do, so come be a Girl Scout and enjoy this great adventure for yourself! 



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