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:) Hi everyone!


blog_acsponge.jpgMy name's Ann Claire, and I am a Junior Girl Scout, but, I am about to fly up to a Cadette. I live in Sweet Home Mobile, Alabama, and my troop has been together for 6 years!  Now, since you know all the basics about me I'll tell you about my experience at Dauphin Island!


First we arrived at Dauphin Island, and drove to the dormitory. The building was so cool because it was pink!(My favorite color) The building right next to it was lime green, which was cool too, just not as cool as pink. We settled in, and then headed to dinner. After dinner, we went to make name tags. They were made of Styrofoam and beads, and were very hard to make. Then we went on a night hike on the beach, and were assigned buddies from another troop. My buddy was Jasmine, and she could make an awesome goat sound! I also met her friends, and she met all my friends. Then we got a worry rock to rub if we got scared.


On the beach, the winds were howling and it was hard to hear, but we pretended we were animals trying to find food in the night, and we sniffed all sorts of herbs and things. Then we played a game (keep in mind this is all happening in the pitch black night), and then headed back. We hung out and then went to bed.


The next day we woke up, had breakfast, and then headed to class. There we met Greg, who taught us interesting things about Dauphin Island's water environment. Then we talked about trash, and headed out to the beach with our partners to collect trash. We picked up quite a bit. Then we had lunch, and then got on our bathing suits and water shoes on, and got ready to head out to the marsh! He told us about all the animals in the marsh, and then we headed out. In the mud hole (it is literally a mud hole), we caught all the permanent residents, such as this tiny snail you find all over the mud hole.


Then we went to the part along the bay and went seining and crabbing. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! Then we came back and had a Hawaiian luau, then made fake leis. The next day Greg talked more and we held dead sea animals!! Ew times 10! But, it was actually pretty cool. Then we dissected a squid! Ew times a million!!! We had a boy squid. It was nasty! But cool at the same time. Then we tasted squid, and it was so good! (calamari) Then, sadly, we went home :(. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! 

               ~luv ya!

                Ann Claire

Just starting this new blog...

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Hey everybody!

leah.jpgI'm Leah, a Senior Scout from Satsuma. I've been a Girl Scout for 11 years, and recently earned my Gold Award. This is my first post, so I'm hoping some other girls will help me out, and post some interesting stuff!

So, has anyone ever heard of Satsuma? .. didn't think so.  Satsuma is a small town, north of Mobile. Satsuma High School has around 1,500 students. In Satsuma, football (mainly) and baseball are the sports of choice. A lot of the students don't put as much emphasis on academics as they should. Well, as much as I think they should. I'm a dork I guess you could say. I play soccer, which is another one of those little-emphasized sports, and most of my friends are basically dorks too. In a school that isn't focused on what I am, I'm sure I'm not the only one counting down the days until college.

For me, college is a chance to live somewhere that is totally focused on the same things I am. I'm hoping to get a scholarship to Auburn University and study pharmacy.

Surely there are other girls out there who feel the same way I do. I'd like to hear your story.



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